Spreyton Parish Council

Spreyton Parish Council meets every two months on the third Tuesday of the month, starting with the Annual General Meeting in May. An Annual Parish Meeting also takes place in March, usually on the fourth Tuesday. Meetings are held in the Village Hall and start at 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings but any issues to be raised should be notified to the Parish Clerk beforehand.

Please contact the Parish Clerk or any of the Councillors below if you have an issue you wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council.

West Devon - General Election advice 2017 (1).pdf

South Hams - General Election advice 2017.pdf

Our Present Councillors and their Responsibilities

Des Hawking (Chairman) Village Trust Liaison  01647 231369
Keith Gallop (Vice Chairman) Planning Issues 01647 231787
Ken Whitaker Roads, Footpaths and Traffic and Renewable Energy  01363 828668
Jenny Lee Church, Local Clubs and Organisations 01647 231603
Eric Osborn-Hodge Farming and Environment 01647 231385
Judith Talbot Church, Local Clubs ad Organisations 01647 231393
Cleave Collins School and Local Businesses 01647 231505
Clive Wootton (Clerk) Planning Issues and Parish Website 01647 231518 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Lucy Cudlip Parish Website Co-ordinator 01647 231314

Parish Council Agenda

Agenda 19.01.16.pdf

Agenda 15.03.16.pdf

Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda 25.03.15.pdf

Agenda AGM 17.05.16.pdf

Agenda 19.07.16.pdf

Agenda 20.09.16.pdf

Agenda 15.11.16.pdf

Agenda 15.11.16.pdf

Agenda 21.03.17.pdf

Agenda 16.05.17.pdf

Agenda 18.07.17.pdf

Agenda 19.09.17.pdf

Agenda 21.11.17.pdf

Agenda 16.01.2018.pdf


Parish Council Minutes

Minutes 16.07.14.pdf

Minutes 19.11.14.pdf

Minutes 21.01.15.pdf

Minutes 18.03.15.pdf

Minutes 20.05.15.pdf

Minutes 14.07.15.pdf

Minutes 15.09.15.pdf

Minutes 17.11.15.pdf

Minutes 19.01.16.pdf

Minutes 15.03.16.pdf

Minutes AGM 17.05.16.pdf

Minutes 19.07.16.pdf

Minutes 20.09.16.pdf

Minutes 15.11.2016.pdf

Minutes 17.01.2017.pdf

Minutes 21.03.17.pdf

Minutes 18.07.17.pdf

Minutes 19.09.17.pdf

Minutes 21.11.17.pdf

Parish Council Annual Meetings

Parish Council Annual Report 2013.pdf

Parish Council Annual Report 2014.pdf

Parish Council Annual Report 2015.pdf

Parish Council Annual Report 2016.pdf

Parish Council Annual Report 2017.pdf

Parish Council Accounts

Declaration of Status of Published Accounts Year Ending 31st March 2016

Annual Governance Statement 2015/2016

Accounting Statements 2015/2016

Annual Internal Audit Report 2015/2016

Financial Statement Year Ending 31st March 2016

Declaration of Status of Published Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2017Annual Governance Statement 2016/2017

Accounting Statements 2016/2017