Spreyton Primary School

Spreyton Village

Spreyton Primary School is a very small rural school in the heart of the village. Being small in number we enjoy the benefit of both knowing each of our children well and being able to adapt our curriculum to meet their individual needs and interests in exciting ways. Our staff team is enthusiastic and committed and we constantly strive to make the most of the strengths that our small numbers and learning environment can offer us.

Spreyton Village

Spreyton Primary School is situated in a building which was once a family home. We have high expectations of ourselves and our children, yet seek to achieve these whilst retaining a family ethos in our school. To this extent we foster and enjoy excellent working relationships with our parents and community. Although we make good use of our large, modern village hall and extensive playing field, the school building itself offers us the benefit of both a hall and a number of teaching spaces enabling both small and large group tuition in addition to class teaching.

Our Learning Environment

We prefer to consider our whole school as a learning environment which supports a rich and balanced experience. We consider our lunch and play times an opportunity for our children to choose to continue their learning through a variety of inspiring activities encouraging and developing skills of co-operation, perseverance, invention and problem solving. We consider physical exercise of the utmost importance.

Being situated in the heart of a farming community, local food and produce are important to us: children share responsibility for and take pride in our kitchen garden. We are very proud of our school kitchen, Spreyton offers hot meals cooked on site to all our children and staff. This year we aim to grow food which our much-loved cook can use in preparation of our school meals.

In June 2012 we formed the Mid Moors Federation with Copplestone Primary School. As a small school we have a nurturing, family ethos whilst benefiting from the wider possibilities of federation. We really are a small school offering big opportunities!

Mr Martin Marriott - Head of School

If you have any questions, please ring the school on 01647 231 321 or email admin@spreyton-primary.devon.sch.uk. Alternatively the school website may help www.spreyton-primary.devon.sch.uk.

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