Monuments and tombs in the church

In the past, important people in the village could be buried under the floor of the church. Some of these are commemorated by wall tablets, usually above the place where they were buried; others have incised stone slabs in the floor.


The following are the wall tablets in the church commemorating members of the big 18th and 19th century landowning families of Spreyton, the Hores of Nymph (who owned a number of farms in both Spreyton and South Tawton), the Canns of Fuidge and the Battishills of Barton.

In Remembrance of Thomas Hore Esqrof Nymph,
who departed this Life

May the 25th 1746 aged 65

and Agnes his wife

January the 6th, 1763 aged 80,

and lye interr’d underneath.

This Marble was erected by Agnes Trist,

their only Surviving daughter.


On the north wall of the chancel, with fluted pilasters and an urn in white marble:

Underneath are deposited the remains of John CannOf Fuidge gent who died the first of April 1767 aged
81. Also Mary his wife who died 16 day of February
1769 aged 70.

Also Thomas Cann of Thornbury gent youngest son
of the above John Cann and Mary his wife, died May
21 1744 aged 41. Also John Cann of Fuidge esqr
eldest son of the said John Cann and Mary his wife
died 5 June 1807 aged 84. Also Mark Cann of Pilton
gent, third son of the above John Cann and Mary his
wife who died April 19 1822 aged 84.

Also Gertrude wife of the above mentioned Thomas
Cann who died January 7 1819 aged 70.

John Cann Esqr of Fuidge house departed this life the 9th
day of February, 1819 aged 45
also Rebecca Relict of the above died
December 18 1846 aged 80.
On the south wall of the nave:

In memory of William Battishill of Barton and Weekin this parish , who died Oct 16 1806 aged 61. And of Mary
his wife who died January 14 1817 aged 77. Also Dorothy
wife of William eldest son of the above named William and
Mary Battishill who died June 12 1829 aged 62. Also of
William Battishill of Barton, husband of the above Dorothy
who died Feb 20 1834 aged 66. Also of John Battishill of

Weekyoungest son of the above named William and Mary
Battishill, died Nov 26 1858 aged 88.

In the chancel there are three wall tablets to members of the family of Richard Holland who was vicar of Spreyton for 55 years.

Richard Holland student of Christs College Cambridge,
eldest son of the Revd Richard Holland vicar of this parish
and Frances Diana his wife died 29 July 1825 aged 20 years.
George Milford second son of the last John Milfordof Exeter esqr, who married Frances Margaret eldest daughter
of the Revd Richard Holland vicar of this parish. He died at
Teignmouth 27 August 1832 aged 33.
Revd Richard Holland 55 years vicar of this parish died
December 1856 aged 82. Frances Diana his wife died 14 Jan 1854 aged 79. Also their granddaughter Frances Mary wife
of P. W. Nosworthy and only daughter of George and
Frances Margaret Milford born 9 October 1850 died at
Heavitree August 13 1859 and was there buried.


Inscribed stone slabs include the following.

Hore graves

On the floor close to the altar rails:

Here lyeth ye body of Jane Hare, ye daughter of Thomas Hare junr who was buried Sept. 23 Anno Domini 1721Like bird of prey
death snatch't away
this harmless dove
whose soule so pure
is now secure
in heaven above.
In front of the altar

Here lyeth the body of Barbara, ye second wife of Mr Thomas Hore, who was buried April ye 19th 1734.
Anne Hore, daughter of Thomas Hore junior, was buried September ye 18th 1711.Dear father and mother, grieve no more, I am not lost but gone before.

Furse grave

By the entrance door

Here lyeth ye body of Mary, ye wife of Philip Furse Gent junior, daughter of Samuel Codner of Ipplepen gent, who was buried March ye 4th 1711.
Samuel Furse, son of the said Philip and Mary,

was buried 31 March 1712.

Cann graves

In front of the altar, commemorating what was no doubt a death of mother and child in childbirth:

Here lyeth buried ye body of William, ye son of John Cann of Fuidge Gent. And Joane his wife, who was buried ye 4th February Anno Domini 1710, aetatis suae 20.
Here lyeth the body of Joane, the wife of the aforesaid John Cann, who was buried April ye 19th 1734.

In the aisle:

John Cann cent senior of Fuidge was buriedApril 27 1724 aged 67.
Here also lyeth the body
of John son of the aforesaid John Cann who
died 1 April 1767 aged 81.

Diamond in front of the organ:

Rebecca Cann died January 25th 1813 aged 7 months
There is also a modern brass:

In memory of John Cann of Fuidgeuntil 1837Who died 18 December 1869 and of Bridget
Sherston his wife who died 29 day of March 1885.
The east window was erected by their grandson, John
Cann of Symonds Down Axminster Devon July 1889.


There is also a stone slab near the door with a long cross upon it, the head within a circle, probably very ancient and no doubt the tomb of a priest.

Above the entrance door there is a wooden panel setting out the details of charitable bequests made by parishioners.


Thomas Hore Esq. of South Tawton gave by his will bearing date the 14th day of May 1746 20 shillings annually for ever to such poor persons of Spreyton as have not weekly relief, payable out of West Begbeer in the parish of Spreyton, to be distributed on Christmas day as the Vicar, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor shall think fit.

By lease and release dated the 25th and 26th day of March 1760, Arthur Kelly Esq conveyed to Wm. Battishill, John Cann jun., Geo. Cann and Mark Cann gentleman one fourth part of Bush Estate, in trust, for the poor of the parish of Spreyton, of which deeds the following is an extract:

“To have and to hold the said fourth part of the said Messuage or Tenement, Lands, Hereditaments & all & singular, the Premises above-mentioned and every part and parcel thereof, with the appurtenances, unto the said William Battishill, John Cann, George Cann and Mark Cann and their Heirs for ever (they and their Heirs residing in the said parish of Spreyton aforesaid) In trust nevertheless and to the only proper use and behoof (by and under the said trust) of such poor of the parish of Spreyton as have not constant pay of the said parish, and to no other, use, intent or purpose whatsoever.”

John Cann of Fuidge Esq., who died the 5th day of June 1807, gave by his will Fifty Pounds to the poor of Spreyton, to be paid by 20 shillings per annum to such people as his Executor approved of, and the first commenced on Easter Monday 1808.

JOHN CANN Churchwarden, 1825

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